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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Bootcamp : 

Bootcamp for win2003 MCSA - A fast track training program designed to get you out of the trenches, up to speed and MCSA Certified in just 14 Days.

Vibrant has designed an affordable and expedient method to help information technology professionals become Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. During our demanding Fourteen day program, we will guide you through installing and administering a Windows 2003 network, focusing on what you need to know to pass the MCSA 2003 exams.

Vibrant MCSE Bootcamp is an intensive, all-inclusive training program where IT professionals receive MCSA certification in 14 Days. All-inclusive means that we provide luxury hotel accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner, comprehensive training and testing all in one location. VIBRANT takes care of you so you can focus on studying for and passing your certification exams. We have launched Window XP certification on 30th Nov, 2001, four days after the formal Launch of XP. Same we have repeated for MCSA exam by launching certification from 28th January 2002 while Certification exams are available from 22nd January, 2002. We already have achieved 100 % results for MCSE NT Track & Win2000 and are confident to deliver it again for windows 2003 certification in an economical and expedient manner.

Windows 2003 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

The MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) is Microsoft's latest certification, and fits perfectly as a stepping-stone on the way to becoming an MCSE.

The MCSA certification requires 4 exams, all of which also apply towards the MCSE. At VIBRANT Bootcamp, we maximize the value of your Bootcamp experience by making it a Dual Certification MCSA/MCSE program, with the MCSA covered in it's entirety within the first 14 days of the camp.

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