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Experience the Benefits of CCNA™ and CCDA™ Certifications
Technical certification is a sound investment in your career. Although certification does not guarantee success, research has shown that it can have a significant impact on:

  • Morale and confidence
  • Efficiency and productivity on the job
  • Monetary rewards
  • Career advancement

Build Your Skills And Your Career: Certify Yourself

The Cisco® CCNA™ certification lays the foundation for all other Cisco® certifications.

The Cisco® Certified Network Associate™ certification solidifies and markets your knowledge of installing, configuring, and operating routed LANs and WANs. Optimizing WAN traffic through Internet access solutions that reduce bandwidth, and reducing WAN costs using features such as access list filters are also professional tasks of a CCNA™.

At the IP level, when a packet is forwarded, the destination IP address remains the same, but since each interface has a separate MAC address, the packetís destination hardware address changes as it crosses each interface on the way to the destination.

Subnetting extends the network portion of the address to allow a single network to be logically divided into sections (subnets). Routers look at each of these subnets as distinct networks, and will route among them. This helps in managing large networks by isolating traffic between portions. IP performs a bit-wise ANDing process to determine local and remote networks. A subnet/network number is the lowest value numerically in that network or subnet. EX: All subnet numbers have binary 0s for the host part of the subnet number. It is typical that groups of hosts tend to communicate routinely with each other, and communicate less outside the group. When logically subnetting a network, network resources, geographic distances, and communication patterns need to be considered in order for the network to operate efficiently. To subnet a network, we add one or more bits to the default subnet mask, which reduces the number of bits for the host address.

A broadcast address is an address that exists in IP containing all 1s (FFFF.FFFF.FFFF). This address is reserved for an IP broadcast into that network. All hosts on that subnet should receive this packet. Broadcast addresses address all devices on a LAN.

A multicast address is a type of packet destined for a specific set of networks.

A unicast address addresses an individual LAN interface card.

Functional addresses are valid only on Token Ring. They identify one or more interfaces that provide a particular function.

The purpose of the subnet mask is to borrow bits from the host field and designate them as the subnet field.

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